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How To Heal Peripheral Neuropathy Utilizing A Treatment Program That Has A 98% Success Rate

Do you suffer with Peripheral Neuropathy in Hammond?  If so, you’re not alone.  According to the Neuropathy Association, over 20 million Americans suffer with some form of Neuropathy.

And although there are over 100 causes of Neuropathy, the condition itself develops due to one issue:  deterioration and death of the small blood vessels that feed the nerves.

Because the body depends on blood to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells so they can function properly, if those blood vessels begin to die off, the nerves stop receiving important oxygen and nutrients and they begin to die as well.

This results in different types of nerve pain where the affected nerves are located.  And if the problem isn’t treated properly, it can lead to issues related to function.

For example, at Hammond Chiropractic Life Center, we see a lot of our neuropathy patients suffering with balance problems, issues with walking, lack of sleep, and it can even lead to amputation.

With that said, most of the treatments that are available for neuropathy today are only designed to manage the symptoms.  They do not address the cause of the problem, which is the deteriorating nerves and blood vessels.

This is why we take a completely different approach when we work with our patients who suffer with neuropathy.

When we look at a plant, for example, what happens to a plant when you stop watering it?  It dies, correct?

And with that said, how would you bring the plant back to life?  Would you just paint the dead leaves green?  Absolutely not.  You would start watering it consistently and give it nutrients.

Medications and other neuropathy treatments are just like painting the leaves green.  Sure, the plant looks normal for awhile, but eventually those leaves are going to fall off and it will still be a dead plant.  There isn’t enough paint in the world to bring that plant back to life.

Our Neuropathy Treatment Program in Hammond is designed to regenerate the damaged blood vessels and nourish and regenerate the damaged nerves, resulting in actually healing the condition rather than “painting the leaves.”

Our Neuropathy Program:  A Different Approach in Hammond IN

When we work with our patients who suffer with neuropathy, our goal is to not only help you alleviate the symptoms, but also to regenerate the damaged nerves and blood vessels so the condition does not continue to deteriorate.

We do that by combining advanced technology with a nutrition protocol that has been shown to regenerate the damaged blood vessels and nerves in 95% of the patients who have used our program.

The protocol we use has been used by over 300 neuropathy specialists in the United States, and has helped thousands of patients experience long-term relief from their neuropathy pain without the continued use of medications.

If you would like to find out if we can help you with your neuropathy pain and symptoms, the first step is to schedule a neuropathy evaluation with us.

We will need to do a thorough examination to determine how severe your neuropathy has become, and what the best approach will be to help you.

After that, we will discuss the options that are available to you and how our Neuropathy Treatment Program can help you.


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